Product description:

BodyFloat ™ system is based on the great spirit of modern city people, life, work pressure caused by the rising crowd of insomnia and development, the project created a centralized treatment, physical therapy, water floating, music therapy, relaxation and decompression, psychological therapy And health oxygen therapy as one of the recuperation of new technologies, is a new breakthrough in floating sleep health. Nurses can be completely into the "ecstasy" realm, without any risk, so that the body floating in the natural floating state of the depth of relaxation, as if to return to the fetus calm sleep. Unique novel shell shape Space floating cabin makes people feel more return to nature, quickly restore fatigue to achieve deep sleep, effectively eliminate neurological disorders, relieve brain fatigue, repair the brain neurotransmitter neurons, people enjoy the real physical Physiotherapy and psychotherapy. So as to achieve the purpose of eliminating stress, anxiety, depression, fear, dizziness, insomnia and other psychiatric symptoms, is the spirit of decompression, improve sleep, the best way to rest.

Space floating conditioning therapy has been confirmed in addition to drugs currently in addition to the most relaxing natural therapy. The experts confirmed that: 30 minutes of space floating sleep is more than 4 hours of ordinary sleep, often do space floating nursed back to health, can reduce the number of daily smoking by 50%, drinking by 45%. Space floating nursed back to health SPA can prevent the occurrence of chronic diseases, can play a lot of psychological treatment is difficult to achieve the wonderful therapeutic effect, people enjoy the travel space, floating the sea, elegant and natural enjoyment, sentiment life back to the fetus calm sleep status!

Floating benefits:

1.Eliminate tension, improve sleep, and rest effectively
Space floating can produce self-hypnotic effect to improve the enthusiasm to improve sleep; reduce mental stress, physical and mental get an excellent rest. Promote mental relaxation, eliminate stress, anxiety, depression, fear and time difference fatigue, eliminate mental and physical stress; the body to play a quick charge and the role of additional energy.

2.Muscle relax, improve memory, energetic
Space floating on the role of human health Experts pointed out that 30 minutes of space floating sleep is more than 4 hours of normal sleep, it can stimulate the left and right brain synchronization coordination, improve brain waves; make people thinking clear, thought sensitive and flexible; Creativity, improve the ability to observe; slow down the ideological and physical sense of tension, make people full of spirit, energetic, people into the "nothingness" state, can receive acupuncture and yoga the same relaxation effect.

3.Conditioning joints, prevent pain, lower blood pressure
Space floating floating state so that the muscles do not have to fight against gravity, weight also will disappear with the muscles, joints, cervical and other fast into the complete relaxation, get the depth of relaxation, and the body's blood supply status to be readjusted, Improve blood circulation; for the treatment of neurasthenia, mental stress spasms, hypertension, rheumatism, arthritis and other significant adjuvant treatment effect, to eliminate the body pain has a good effect.

4.Enhance physical fitness, pulse conditioning, reduce trauma
Space floating can improve the physical state of exercise, reduce the secretion of cortisol, lactic acid and produce increased secretion of brain endocrine, reduce motor trauma, accelerate the recovery of trauma, conditioning pulse, heart rate and oxygen consumption.

5.Detoxification rejuvenation, promote hair growth
Space floating with the use of more than 40 kinds of minerals and trace elements beneficial to the human body and trace elements natural energy conditioning solution, such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, manganese, zinc, sodium, magnesium sulfate, silicate, etc., the release of minerals Of the nutrients, can be deep and absorbed by the skin, activate the skin shallow cell capacity, enhance cell metabolism, to replenishment, detoxification and activation of cells, strengthen skin elasticity, help absorb excess oil, make skin smooth and delicate, delicate , Health and weight-loss effect; at the same time natural energy conditioning liquid in the manganese, sodium elements can also promote hair growth, moisturizing effect.


1, the power supply voltage a.c.220V 50Hz
2, the total power ≤ 7500W
3, disinfection time 10 minutes / time
4, the temperature shows 15 ℃ ~ 60 ℃
5, time 0 to 90 minutes
6, automatic into the water
7, floating hydraulic massage
8, two-cycle temperature
9, automatic sterilization, cleaning
10, Oxygen therapy
11, MP3 music therapy

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