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DermoLift ™ is a new generation of non-invasive wrinkle removal technology. Dermolift ™ has been through the US FDA certified non-invasive skin equipment, FDA zero adverse reaction records, is the most secure way to skin tighten, the real three-dimensional skin layering skin tightening technology.

DermoLift ™ Focused RF is the new RF firming technology, and the accurate action on surface layer, superficial layer, middle layer and deep layer to achieve the purpose of wrinkles reducing, tightening and beautifying.

DermoLift ™, a miracle instrument to make face lift without any surgical operation, which can effectively reduce the wrinkles, awaken the skin elasticity, lift the soft tissue structure, improve to firm the face and intensify the rejuvenation effect on the face, honored as “a spring of younger”!

DermoLift ™ Source:

DermoLift ™ Focused RF technology:

At the same time, we developed a high-frequency RF phase shifter. The two steps of "waveform compression" and "phase shift" are used to precisely focus the RF wave energy at the specific depth of the skin, The only "precision heating, layered anti-aging" of the RF Firming technology in the Market.

In the world of DermoLift ™ , age is only number!

Focus RF effectively pull the past surgery to lift the SMAS fascia layer,
a single treatment can be "Lifting + firming + wrinkle + Fat removal" anti-aging .

Under the premise that the internal modulation frequency is 40.68MHz, the thermal frequency can be compressed and the sinusoidal waveform can be compressed by increasing the external modulation frequency, so that the thermal effect of the RF oscillation center is more concentrated and the energy is more focused. In order to solve the problem that traditional radio frequency penetration can not be controlled; Radar has designed and developed a high-frequency RF phase shifter, which can adjust the phase of radio-frequency wave, radar positioning and navigation and precise control of phase movement at different sub-layers.

In-Motion™ Technology:
In-motionTM technology represents a breakthrough in patient comfort and procedure speed, with repeatable clinical results. The sweeping In-motion technique involves moving the applicator repeatedly over the target area, applying energy over a large grid for reshaping and contouring of large areas. In-motion provides a gradual build-up of heat within the target tissue until it reaches a therapeutic temperature, providing more comfortable treatment without the risk of injury.

Dermolift ™ Working Therapy

A. DermoLift ™ heat the skin?

- Frequency: 40.68MHz (radio frequency alternating 40 million times per second)
- the heating target tissue
- polar water molecules, the alternating electric field under the action of high
- speed rotation, mutual friction, resulting in heat, so as to achieve the dermis, subcutaneous collagen heating and accelerate fat metabolism,ablation.

B. DermoLift ™ - Collagen

Regeneration DermoLift ™ focused RF thermal stimulation can make elastic fibers, collagen fibers immediately produce contraction, there compact sense; Thermal stimulation of skin repair healing mechanism to stimulate the regeneration and remodeling of new collagen fibers, with the number of new collagen increased more closely arranged, further relaxation of the skin aging state to be repaired.

C. DermoLift ™ - Fat Metabolism

Skin tissue temperature increases help to improve the activity of enzymes to accelerate the metabolism of fat; Elimination of metabolites in the process of fat metabolism; Subcutaneous adipose tissue volume to further narrow, so as to achieve the shaping effect.

D. DermoLift ™ - Skin Lifting

In orderly connective tissue (tendon, aponeurosis, superficial fascia, etc.), the collagen structure arranged in parallel with each other, will be heated after the longitudinal contraction (ie, toward the anchor point area) to enhance the relaxation sagging skin.

SMAS layer is the real root cause of facial skin aging, hot lattice can accurately act on the SMAS layer, through thermal effects to promote the continuous regeneration of elastic collagen, and build a new elastic fiber web, and promote deep fascia tissue tension and enhance the effective Pulling the loose facial lines, to achieve the effect of fascia suspension.

Bigger high RF & Vacuum handle. Hot/Cold time can be adjusted, patient feel comfortable during treatment, the lifting effect can be see at once. RF energy, Vacuum energy, and cooling level can be adjusted. Perfect and special cooling technology make this handle can be used widely. No consumables. Easy to use.

40.68 Mhz high RF treatment head, working for face and small area. Emotion Slip mode treatment, 3 degree for depth adjustable. Can be used together with bigger & vacuum handle. Bipolar RF technology without any consumables. Perfect cooling technology.


A single treatment lasts from 30 to 90 minutes – the time depends on the size of the treated area. In terms of modeling areas of the face, neck and décolleté it is suggested to take approximately 4-6 treatments every 14-26 days. In terms of modeling and shaping the body, the procedure should be repeated 6-8 times. In order to sustain the effects, it is recommended to perform one operation every 6 months.


Overcoming such problems as:
• localized adiposity (eg. in the chin area, “breeches”)
• laxity of the skin (in the abdomen, arms, face oval)
• cellulite reduction
• smoothing out wrinkles
• improvement of the contour of the face

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