How To Maintaining Your Cosmetic Laser

How to Maintaining Your Cosmetic Laser System

Owning a cosmetic laser system is a hefty investment.
Maintaining your equipment will not only keep your system safe and secure, it’ll save you money by avoiding damage and downtime to your laser, ensuring effective treatments for your satisfied customers. But remember, owning and operating a cosmetic laser system is a great responsibility.
Maintaining it is important to you, your clients, and your business.
Always trust our professional to service your laser equipment.
When in doubt, don’t risk it.

Follow these 10 simple tips to keep your laser system maintained and ready to go:

1) Remember to empty the water container of your machine every week, adding a drop of bleach each time for cleanliness. DO NOT fill your machine with water of any kind.
2) DO NOT overfill your laser with coolant. Overfilling causes the water to leak out of the reservoir and can end up close to vital electronics.
3) Verify that the voltage tab in the laser system coordinates with the voltage in the wall. Although a laser system runs on 220v, most facilities vary and the voltage in the wall can be as low as 200v or as high as 250v.
4) Inspect handpiece windows daily and change or clean if necessary. Cleaning windows with sterile alcohol between patients will help the windows last even longer. Remember to replace windows as needed.
5) Vacuum the vents on the side panel and fans often to keep them free of dust and other harmful build up. Dust is the number one reason for electrical and optical failures.
6) Keep Smartcool chiller at least 12 inches from the laser system. The Smartcool chiller blows hot air down and the pulls it’s cooling air from underneath. This will help your laser run cooler and emit less heat.
7) Keep your treatment room temperature as low as possible. The laser system and corresponding chiller are air-cooled. If room temperatures exceed 75-80 degrees, overheating errors may occur.
8) If your laser asks for a full calibration after an attempt in the cal port to verify energy output, this could be a sign that something internally or in the delivery system has been affected since the last calibration. Contact our technicien SAV to help troubleshoot the issue.
9) Keep track of flashlamp pulses for each wavelength. BodyTruth recommends replacing lamps every 500,000 pulses. Remember to purchase flashlamps as needed.
10) Have your cosmetic laser system serviced annually by our trained technician to maintain proper calibration and catch any possible unforeseen issues.

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