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(Hair Removal / Skin Rejuvenation / Vascular Removal)

Lights up your Dreams!

Super Hair Removal, a technology for permanent hair removal which is having a sweeping success.

650-950nm (SHR) 590-950nm (VR) 530-950 (SR)

LUXEpil SHR stands for Super Hair Removal, a technology of permanent hair removal which is having a sweepingsucces. The system combines laser technology and the benefits of the pulsating light method achieving practically painless results. Even hairs which until now have been difficult or even impossible to be removed, can now be treated. "In Motion" represents a breakthrough in permanent hair removal with light technology.

Innovative Depilation Technology, just Amazing !

BodyTruth Aesthetic is a pioneer of ressources integration in the field of technologically advanced medical aesthetic Lasers.
BodyTruth Aesthetic Company., as a subsidiary company, now is the No.1 brand in France and Morocco and was the first to develop the full set of Hair Removal and Skin Rejuvenation.

Medical Pulse Technology

The optimal way to broaden a patient base.
Medical Pulse (patented), unique to Bodytruth, delivers the right pulse and fluence for each application. The result is consistent and reproducible results for physicians and their patients.


SR is for facial treatment, you can choose this option for pores constringency, it can reduce fine wrinkles; shrink skin pores and to effectively improve coarse pores.

1. HR is used for removing the hair, whish is black and strong, such as: armpit hair, etc. Also for fine hair,such as: lip hair, etc.
2. Wrinkle removal.

VR is used for removing the strong vessels on the face, which means you can obviously see the venation of the vessels. Also for removing the vessels, which are not very clear.

1. User-friendly software design: simple parameters setting and easy operation, Male/Famale, Skin Type, Hair Density, Hair Color, Hair Thhickness Mode choose.
2. SHR Fast hair removal technology.
3. Quick shooting 1-10 per second, achieve instant large area treatment by sliding probe on skin only
4. 3 handpieces, xenon lamps, offer 400,000.00 more shorts
5. Professional design of inner headpiece in market
6. "plug and play" handle connections: translate into reliable and long lasting machines capable of continuous work in busy clinics/salons
7. Alarm protection system of waler flow and water temperature: stop all working immediately in case of any risk, protecting people & machine against any risk at the first time
8. Painless-sapphire temperature cool down 0~100C, make clients more comfortable in the whole treatment; also no scar in/after treatment

Easy menu navigation
Preset treatment proposals lead to easy navigation. Through many year’s clinical study, diversified treatment proposals are concluded according to different skin types and skin areas. Besides, therapist could also freely set treatment parameters according to individual requirements.

LUXEPIL SHR adopts square pulse and constant current charging technology, wich emits constant energy to realize optimum clinical results. Easy interface makes it flexible for individual clinical procedure. Patented RVC (Real Value Calibration) Technology ensures accurate energy to meet the user’s needs.

What is Square Pulse IPL ?

LUXEpil adopts square pulse technology to garantee uniform energy output. Energy could instanta neously achieve peak power which could keep stable during the entire pulse duration. No matte rit is acted with single pulse mode or multi pluse mode, LUXEpil always present uniform and accurate energie. With patented RVC (Real Value Calibration) function, the output energy could reach presetting energy without any sudden energie fluctuation.

What is different between conventional IPL and LUXEpil ?

LUXEpil makes comfort as the first priority as well as delivering maximum treatment efficiency. Comparing with LUXEpil, normal IPL system is unfeasible to produce long-square pulse which should reach the relaxation period to target skin. Moreover fluctuations of output energy will easily lead to ineffective treatment result and increase risk of side effect.

24 hours non-stop flashing

Powerful cooling system and energy control unit enable the operator to provide uninterrupted treatment.

Durable & powerful Xenon lamp

LUXEpil adopts durable & powerful Xenon tube. Premium quality tube guarantee a life span of 100 000 shots, up to 400 000 shots maximum.

Patented Medical Pulse Technology

Real value calibration ensures accurate fluence to reach the presentting energy, and highly reduce ineffectiveness due to energy attenuation. Medical Pulse technology makes handpiece to deliver more constant and accurate energy to skin whitin 400 000 shots flashing.

Pixel CO2™ • Skin Resurfacing & Vaginal Tightening • BodyTruth
Big spot size with even energy distribution

SHR IPL Elight with spot size 15*50mm, 10*15mm and 12*30mm: skin rejuvenation, wrinkle removal, pigmentation removal, acné, varicosité…

Advanced TEC cooling system

The thermoelectric semiconductor cooling system increases the temperature difference between superficial and subcutaneous tissue, making the therapy more gentle. Adjustable TEC cooling with minimum -4°C + air cooling protects epidermis while hair follicle is heated.

What make LUXEpil SHR differ from the traditional IPL depilation ?

Traditional IPL penetrates into dermis through epidermis with high fluence to enhance follicle temperature to 65°C immediatly to destroy hair follicle directly as a result that fair growth is stunted. Instead of instantly destroying hair follicle, the technology « Jet Smooth » is specially designed to heat hair follicles to proper damage point gradually with low frequency and multiple pulses and up to maximum 10HZ repetition rate. The accumulated temperature is high enough to make hair follicle to loose activities.

Clinical evaluation

Clinical proven, over 95% of the cases are reported hair reduction of over 80% after 3 to 5 sessions of treatments. Hair become finer, lighter, fewer, and grow slower. After 1 or 2 sessions, all case are reported hair reduction of over 30% to 50%. The average energy density applied in most of clinical cases i only 10j/cm2 to 20j/cm2, low energy enough to avoid the potential risks.

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