LUXEpil Laser

Pixel CO2™ • Skin Resurfacing & Vaginal Tightening • BodyTruth

810nm Medical Diode Laser
Hair Removal and Skin Rejuvenation

Lights up your Dreams!

Super Hair Removal, a technology for permanent hair removal which is having a sweeping success.

Big Spot Size 22x35mm Vacuum System
Spot Size 10x12mm for small areas treatment

1. 810 Diode penetrates to hair follicle root where the pigment is heated and the energy is speread to the entire hair follicle, both leading to precise destruction of hair follicles wiyhout causing damage to adjacent tissue.
2. Vacuum therapy suction the skin into handle. Less energy is absorbed by the epidemis and lower fluence is required since the target tissue is closer to the energy source.

Innovative Depilation Technology, just Amazing !

BodyTruth Aesthetic is a pioneer of ressources integration in the field of technologically advanced medical aesthetic Lasers.
BodyTruth Aesthetic Company., as a subsidiary company, now is the No.1 brand in France and Morocco and was the first to develop the full set of Hair Removal and Skin Rejuvenation.

Medical Pulse Technology

The optimal way to broaden a patient base.
Medical Pulse (patented), unique to Bodytruth, delivers the right pulse and fluence for each application. The result is consistent and reproducible results for physicians and their patients.


1 - LUXEpil Laser™ Laser Handle
LUXEpil Laser™, innovate diode laser, overthrowing traditional lasertherapy hair removal technology, realize your dream of virtually painless hair removal.

What makes LUXEpil Laser™ stand out ?
Absolutely painless rapid hair removal experience.

Pixel CO2™ • Skin Resurfacing & Vaginal Tightening • BodyTruth

Rapid, painless treatment process
« Fast mode » as the greatest characteristics is designed for the greatest confort.

Pixel CO2™ • Skin Resurfacing & Vaginal Tightening • BodyTruth

1. High speed permanent hair removal:
Big Spot Size 22x35mm, large areas can be treated and remove hair very fast. Treat time is about 25% of traditionaal hair removal.

2. Pain free hair removal:
High Power and narrow Pulse Width, the energy can heat the hair follicles in a very short time which is less than the thermal relaxation time, this way, the patient won't feel any pain during treatment, and don't need cooling gel or anesthetics on skin.

3. Suitable for all hair parts:
The machine also equipped with small handle wirh spot size 10x12mm for small areas treatment:
lip, face, atc.

4. Perfect compressor cooling system, ensures the perfect cooling on the machine, make the machine can realize 7x24 hours continuous working.

Easy menu navigation
Preset treatment proposals lead to easy navigation. Through many year’s clinical study, diversified treatment proposals are concluded according to different skin types and skin areas. Besides, therapist could also freely set treatment parameters according to individual requirements.

Pixel CO2™ • Skin Resurfacing & Vaginal Tightening • BodyTruth
Others, it leave no local skin spots. No anaesthesia is required for treatment.
LUXEpil Laser™ is the gold standard for hair removal. Light at the wavelengh of 810nm is absorbed by melanin in folicle and at the same time, gretly reduce the absorption by water and haematoglobin. Treatment is safe for epidermis.

Pixel CO2™ • Skin Resurfacing & Vaginal Tightening • BodyTruth
What’s is « Jet Smooth » ?
« Jet Smooth » adopts 810nm diode laser, uniform energy constantly penetrates deep into dermis and heat hair follicle with maximum 10 pulses in one second. Instead of destroying follicle in a short time, fast mode is specially designed to heat hair follicles to proper damage point gradually with low frequency to assure the virtual painless and fast treatment.

Pixel CO2™ • Skin Resurfacing & Vaginal Tightening • BodyTruth
Touch cooling system
Sapphire touch cooling assure reliable and constant cooling result for skin surface with the maximum comfort and safety. Maximum energy target on follicle with less consumped by tissue.
Sapphire touch cooling system works automatically when LUXEpil Laser™ starts to release energy. The temperature of (-5°C-1°C, plus air cooling) furtherly increase treatment comfort.

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