Service Team

Service Team :

1. Responsible for CRM (Customer Relationship Management).
2. Responsible for maintaining the customers` information, answering the calls for repairing, and supervising the works for the trainees.
3. Responsible for providing support, including that for clinical operation, machine maintenance, spare parts supplying, via E-mail, and phone calls.
4. Responsible for performing work objectives in areas.
5. Responsible for providing backup force for the sales representatives, engineers, and trainees.
6. Responsible for the performance evaluation for the positions above.

Service Support :

• Dear customer, no matter you have what demand.

You want your email to Email: the remaining thing for us to do for you.

1.Support for spare parts
2.Training support for Clinical operation
3.Care products support after treatment
4.Daily maintenances support for the equipments
5.Machines updating services
6.Warranty support
7.Marketing online support

Service Concept :

A. Our after-sales service concept embodies in our enterprise culture Service concept:
The customer is always right, continuing to provide first-class service.

B. Golden rule for our customer service
(1). Anything is possible
(2). Love our own business and career
(3). Do our work with passion, and never slack
(4). Smiling,listening,and being confident
(5). Be a responsible person
(6). Ensure that the customer can get to you anytime when he needs.
(7). Suggests to deal with customer relationship.

C. Weapons to deal with the customer relations
(1). Consider the problem in the customer"s position
(2). Admit our own mistakes immediately
(3). Do not give our customers the chance to say "no"
(4). Discovery customers` exciting point
(5). Avoid any quarrel with customers
(6). Being a excellent listener
(7). Remember names of each customer
(8). Smiling and encouraging
(9). Remind the customers indirectly, and keep the words in mind" good words are harsh to the ear"
(10). Give compliments for our customers
(11). Let the customers make desicions by themselves

D. 8 methods to gain the customers` satisfaction:
(1). Stand in other`s feet
(2). Care about customers
(3). Treat people with sincerity
(4). Ready for devotion
(5). Acquire the customers` needs by regular visiting
(6). Exchange experiences on services
(7). Deal with the complains in time
(8). Feedback the issues to the companys, and deal with these issues together with company

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