the Founder and Principles

My business cards say “acupuncture and nutrition therapist”.

I am passionate about nourishment and body care.

As a practitioner we have an obligation means. The dietetic and acupuncture have limitations. Most of my patients very well know about nutrition, and I am a health care provider who recognizes that knowledge is not enough. Sometimes it is difficult for some people to see significant results despite their efforts. The psychological factor, some disorders like internal disorders may create blockages to melt fat. Moreover cellulite affects 90% of women.

To meet the great demand of my patients I wanted to give myself an obligation "of results". So I created the BodyTruth® company and developed a first type of small EMS slimming equipment.

Today I’m marketing 2 slimming platforms. They are the most powerful, the most complete, and the most efficient on the market. Their designs are unique.

The dream became reality!

With all my young and dynamic team, we constantly develop and commercialize advanced technologies in the field of aesthetic and anti-aging. The efficiency and service are the qualifiers of our entity but also a solid foundation which our success. We now have customers in the world: Beauty Salons, SPA, Thalasso, Specialized Centers (slimming, anti-aging, photodepilation), Anti-aging Medical Centers, Aesthetics Clinics, physiotherapists...

Since the summer of 2011 I extended my equipment sales in Luxury Ressort SPA Hotel that can now provide effective and lasting beauty in just 1 hour only for hosted clients.

Our best current equipment: BodySculptor (available in lipomassage version or Cryotherapy version). It provides a concrete centimeter loss of the fat mass from the first session and appearance cellulite without effort or pain, and the results are lasting. This equipment ensures a loss of 1 size per session. Especially for treatment with cryotherapy, one session per treated area is sufficient to end dramatically with the fat !

Also I surrounded by powerful collaborators who helped me in achieving a full range of beauty equipment, particularly in a new brand revolutionary equipment body care & face lift without surgery designed in spring 2014 after two years search : The ReverseAge ™.

It is currently our most sold equipment and our Number 1 in customer satisfaction. No other similar equipment for the face and body are available on the market cosmetic equipment.

In addition to the growing interest of beauty salons for new equipment, more and more cosmetic surgeons also provide our ReverseAge® because it is the only alternative to surgery without side effects and provides a final result that remains natural in only one sitting.

MY PHILOSOPHY : "Honesty, responsibility, innovation, and harmony".

BodyTruth Aesthetic ® adheres to the philosophy "Attention to reputation, customer review, innovation and continuous quality."

" The detail creates quality, innovation promotes development "

MY EXPERTISE: The fruit of ongoing collaboration between practitioners and specialists in medical aesthetic technology engineers that advance equipment for best results.

MY VOCATION: Tapping into scientific advances techniques to offer more and more efficiency, which meet customer expectations.

MY MISSION : To assist beauty professionals to strengthen their presence in the market of beauty and anti-aging, offering a set of immediately applicable solutions Institute (with trainings, seminars, new tools communication ...etc).

MY COMMITMENT : Provide ongoing to my clients the highest level of innovation, technology, research & development, quality insurance. I am proud to meet strict quality standards. All equipment are internally and independently tested and verified.

GET the Expertise of a specialist in Aesthetic Medicine Group, to implement new technologies that have already proven themselves in the medical field.

Also all my equipment can generate a high turnover and a quick return on investment.

We will win the international competitiveness of the medical industry of beauty with the quality and reputation.

Your need is the ambition of the whole team.
We are willing to work with you to create international brands and to be the leader in the beauty industry together!

We will cooperate with you and we thank you . We lead with you, we will move forward to a good cooperation for a bright future. We are constantly looking for ways to bring more value to our customers through innovation. Quality service and professional development are our promises for every customer. We are looking forward to establish relationships with you in the near future.

My entire team is at your disposal for any questions you might wish . Be sure that we will make every effort to satisfy you as soon as possible.

Thank you to all our customers who trust us and progress in their work with our equipment.

I hope this new website will be up to your expectations and that you will discover , or rediscover , our entire catalog. I also invite you to subscribe to the newsletter and follow us on social networks to be informed of all the news and all the events in which we participate. I offer an ebook to thank you for your registration.

Thank you to all and good " surf ".

Nathalie Marty
Founder - CEO

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