Warranty and Service

After-sale Service:
BodyTruth® is committed to providing high quality products and fast, efficient customer service to all BodyTruth® users, regardless of region and country.
Highly professional and internationally recognized engineers stand behind every one of our products.
Today, BodyTruth® has a network of technical support teams who are capable of servicing our product ranges, which enable customers significant benefit for our products and services.
Our QA team assures that our products meet the strictest industry standards.
Driven by clinical background, we understand the importance of keeping your business running.
That’s why we employ well-trained and dedicated technicians to minimize downtime and support you with any problem that may occur.
We emphasize end-user satisfaction, supporting our partners in a way that they can effectively support their customers.

Our technical support includes:
• Through technical support in the use of BodyTruth® products.
• A manual with comprehensive yet easy-to-understand treatment information, including treatment recommendations and an Informed Consent form.
• Some products come with training video CD operation instructions.
• Up-to-date user notes with clinical advice and recommendations.
• Marketing assistance, including a full range of brochures, advertisements and direct marketing tools.
• 24 hours online technical support service.

Warranty Overview:
BodyTruth® is committed to quality.
Each BodyTruth® product undergoes stringent quality checks and tests for performance before it is delivered to you.
Our limited, 3-year company’s warranty for the main machine covers defects in materials and workmanship of your BodyTruth® products.

What is the limited warranty?
BodyTruth® warrants to the original purchaser that BodyTruth® System is free from company defects in materials or workmanship for a period of Three (3) years from the date of purchase.
BodyTruth® System is analyzed and evaluated, and it is at our discretion whether to repair or replace the product, without charge for parts and labor.
The warranty period is not extended for any period during which the BodyTruth® System (or any parts thereof) is in repair or if your BodyTruth® System is replaced during the warranty period.
Warranty is void if original packaging is missing.
Please note that consumable parts (eletrode pad, IPL filters, ultrasonic probes...) are NOT covered by this warranty.

What is covered by the limited warranty?
This 3-years limited warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship in your BodyTruth® System if you purchased from BodyTruth®.
Your 3-years limited warranty is valid for you alone, the original purchaser and cannot be transferred.

What is not covered by the limited warranty?
This limited warranty does not cover damage, defects or failure caused by:
• Abuse or misuse
• Improper care
• Impact or insertion of foreign objects
• Vandalism
• Improper storage and transportation
• Alterations
• Application of harmful chemicals
• Acts of God, fire, or water
• Abrasives
• Negligence
• Failure to follow the instructions
• Loss of BodyTruth® System
• Normal wear and tear
• Overuse

How Long does the warranty last?
This warranty covers claims filed with BodyTruth® within Three (3) years from the date of the original purchase of the Device.
Claims filed after Three (3) years from the date of purchase of the Device by you are not covered.
BodyTruth® may require that you prove the date you purchased the Device by providing an invoice or receipt that specifically lists the date of purchase of the Device.
Claims in respect of a repaired or replaced device must be filed with BodyTruth®.
Within the later of (a) Three (3) years from the date of purchase of the original Device by you or (b) ninety (90) days from the date that the service center ships the repaired or replaced Device back to you.

What is your technical support policy after the warrant period?
After warranty, we will continue to provide the technical support as before.
For spare parts, we only charge at factory cost and the shipping cost is on buyers’ side.

What happens in the unfortunate event that BodyTruth® malfunctions?
Within the year of purchase, if the product has any working problems and is covered by the warranty, contact BodyTruth® Customer Service for assistance.
We are not responsible for damage to products in transit.
BodyTruth® Technical Support team is able to resolve the majority of system challenges over the phone or by email.
We have a quick response service team and well-trained technicians which enable any problems can be solved within 7 business days.
During this process, we need your kind and patient assistance by either following our detailed detection procedure issued by our technicians or showing us the photos or videos of the machine.
This process is very important for us to identify the actual problem so that we can work out a solution quickly.
• If indeed malfunctioning due to defect covered by the warranty, we will send you spare parts for change with detailed installation instruction free of charge.
With the installation instruction, you can change the parts easily even without any electronic knowledge.
• As our equipment is are designed for use with our modular components. So the repair and maintenance are quite easy.
Changing spare parts can usually fix the problems.
If changing the parts is not a solution, you can simply return the machine and we will send you a new one.
Please check Exchange Procedure stated below.

Exchange procedure.
• Returning items MUST be in original packages with accessories and in the same conditions as you received it,
• Damages caused by misuse CANNOT be returned
• Item(s) come directly from the factory and take 5 to 10 working days for orders to get delivered by UPS or DHL.
• Proof of Purchase must accompany Goods;
• Administrative and handling fee are charged to buyers;
• All custom fees and taxes are charged to Buyer;
Gels are strictly non-refundable;
• Returned Goods will be examined for performance and physical defects, and defective Goods caused by misuse are unchangeable.
• If we find that your BodyTruth® System is working fine, we will notify you and arrange for it to be returned to you. All shipping and handling charges will be billed to you.
• Ship the products at customer’s expense, and insure the shipment or accept the risk of loss or damage during shipment.
• Once we confirm the malfunctions is caused by manufacture defects, we will send the new one immediately.

Shipping Charges
During warranty, the shipping cost of spare parts will be paid by BodyTruth®.
During exchange procedure, buyers need to pay shipping cost of returning the machines.
BodyTruth® will pay the cost of delivering new machines.
If BodyTruth® determines that the Device does not exhibit material defects in materials or workmanship, you will be required to pay for return packaging and shipping back to you.
After warranty period, buyers need to pay all the delivery cost.
Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for further information

1- We offer online training as free after your purchase. BodyTruth® can offer professionnal training certificate.
2- After you receive our machines, if you have any questions on machine operation and treatment, please feel free to contact our seller and after – sale service worker.

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